Food Allergy Awareness for All Parents

Food allergies have become more and more common in US schools. Unfortunately food allergy related deaths continue to occur in and out of school. Food allergy education and awareness are critical for the safety of kids with food allergies. These kids need to have their food allergies managed at all times and in all circumstances.

Knowing what it takes to avoid food allergens and what it takes to be prepared for an allergic reaction will help you play a role in creating a community of inclusion and support for children with food allergies. With a solid understanding of food allergy management you can make a huge difference in a child’s feeling of acceptance and possibly even save a life.

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Teaching Our Kids
Your children can help create supportive environments by gaining an awareness and acceptance of their classmates’ differences. Children also can play an important role in teaching each other, and play a critical role in establishing a supportive school community. Please see our kids awareness module on “What is a Food Allergy?”
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 How to Prevent Food Allergy Reactions

This 8 minute slideshow with audio outlines strategies to avoid exposure to food allergens in and out of the school setting. The presentation discusses the importance of label reading and avoiding hidden allergens and cross-contact.

 How to Prepare for a Food Allergy Reaction

This 6 minute slideshow with audio discusses the importance of being prepared to recognize and treat severe allergic reactions.