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Food Allergy Case Study for Pediatricians – Explanation to Question 9

Which of the following food allergies are more common in adults than children?

Explanation to Question 9

The most common food allergies in children are milk, egg, and peanut. The most common food allergies in adults are shellfish, peanut, and tree nut. This reflects the fact that most children outgrow their milk and egg allergies. Although peanut allergy is the second most common food allergy in adults it is still more common in children, affecting 0.8% of young children (0-5 yrs). Only 0.1% of young children have shellfish allergy while it affects 2% of adults. Allergies to tree nuts and fruits are also more prevalent among adolescents and adults than children.

The correct answer is A, shellfish allergy is more common in adults than children.

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