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Food Allergy Drop-Off and Baby Sitter Form

Food Allergy Babysitting and Drop-Off Form

You can download the most recent version of the Food Allergy Drop-Off and Baby Sitter Form. This guide was created by AllergyHome in collaboration with Kids with Food Allergies and is designed to help review key principles in food allergy management when dropping off your child at playdates, parties, relatives, babysitters, or other caretakers.  It is a tool to supplement and reinforce information about managing food allergies, but is NOT a replacement for direct communication that takes place during transitions in care.

How confident are you that those caring for your child knows their food allergy management? For more see Babysitter Section of the Living Confidently with Food Allergies Handbook

Do you spend enough time training the people that are responsible for your child? Not just when it’s long term but also for short play-dates and parties?

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