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Anaphylaxis Fact from AAFA’s Anaphylaxis in America

Teaching Children - handprint 50pxThis nation wide study by AAFA, Anaphylaxis in America, reveals insights in how anaphylaxis is managed by people in the US. The short cartoon below highlights interesting facts that came out of this study.


Living Confidently with Food Allergy HandbookLiving Confidently with Food Allergy Handbook

A free, easy to use, handbook designed to give parents the tools to keep their children with food allergies safe and happy while addressing their emotional needs. This fact based guide was reviewed by internationally recognized food allergy experts. This American and Canadian collaboration was lead by Anaphylaxis Canada and is available online and in PDF.

What are Food Allergies? Explaining to Kids What it Means to Live with a Food AllergyWhat are Food Allergies? Explaining to Kids What it Means to Live with a Food Allergy

This 4 ½ minute slide show teaches elementary school age children without food allergies why kids with food allergies need to do things a bit differently. It is designed to increase understanding, encourage children to support their classmates, and discourage bullying.

How to Prepare for Food Allergy ReactionsHow to Prepare for Food Allergy Reactions

This 6 minute slideshow with audio discusses the importance of being prepared to recognize and treat severe allergic reactions.

Test Your Food Allergy Knowledge: Do You Know Answers to These Common Food Allergy Questions?Test Your Food Allergy Knowledge: Do You Know Answers to These Common Food Allergy Questions?

Nine interactive True/False questions that are designed to increase food allergy awareness while reviewing some skills important for managing food allergies. These questions address some common myths that can sometimes make things seem scarier than they are.


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