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Big Schools Multiple Buildings

Some school nurses are responsible for large schools with long distances from parts of the campus to the health office; others are responsible for more than one building separated by miles. You can’t be more than one place at the same time. In addition to the issue of distance, there is also suboptimal school nurse to student ratios.



Help train the staff and administration to be your eyes and ears. Enlist all members of the school community to be citizens, and to assist in a capacity that is appropriate for their role. Pan awareness and understanding will help keep buy-in to policies and guidelines. Depending on states and districts, some staff will be trained to recognize anaphylaxis and administer auto-injects to those with a known allergy.  Recently some states and districts are passing legislation requiring certain non-licensed staff to recognize and treat anaphylaxis in those with no known prior history. School communities must start advocating for more full-time school nurses and improved nurse to student ratios.



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